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 List of Features

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PostSubject: List of Features   Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:43 pm

Server Features!

Made Challenging!
Wide Open Home!
Npcs All Over the World!
8 Floors of Dungeoneering!
Summoning, Hunter, and a New PK skill!
Clan Chat 100%
Over 15 Bosses
8 Exclusive Mini Games
Curse Prayers
All Real RuneScape items including 100% Chaotic, Primal, Torva, and Korasi!
Skill Cape Emotes, Including Dunegoneering!
100% Multibarrage on Players/Monsters!
PK and Dungeoneering Point System!
Quick Chat!

Fight Pits
Pest Control
Duel Arena
Warriors Guild

Avatar of Destruction
Commander Zilana
King Black Dragon
Corporal Beast
Tormented Demons
Daggonoth Kings
Stryke Wyrms
Sea Troll Queen
Giant Sea Snake
Giant Mole
Kalphite Queen

Donator Status- Symbol and Authentication
Donator Options including: Information and Options to;
Get an Instant Slayer Master- Click and get instant tasks!
Switch Spell Books without Altar- Switch anytime, but in the Wild!
Donator Island- Place for Donators to hang out, that includes:
Donator Portals, Safe PK place, and Shops.

Client Sided-
You have the option to turn Hitpoints, Game Menu, Names, and Hitmarks off. All seperate buttons.
You can turn x10 XP on! (Still takes a good while to reach 99.)
You can choose the Game Frame you like from: 377, 474, 483, 508, 525, and 562.
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List of Features
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